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Organize your next corporate or team building event at Fox in a Box Sarajevo. With over 30 locations worldwide and nearly 10 years of experience, we have revolutionized the concept of entertainment to provide the best possible experience for your team.

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Nermin Catovic: "In this way, you will see how you function as teams, and how you are stronger as a group, not as individuals. The most important thing is that you will definitely have a good time! We will recommend this to all our colleagues, it is very unusual and extremely fun."

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ERNO office , Tarčin Forest Resort

Katarina Gasparov: "This game has amazed me! The game is tense, and throughout the game, you have to rely on some skills, both yours and those of the people you play with... the adrenaline rush is so intense that you can't believe it, like you're on a bungee jumping... fantastic! When you solve the game, THAT'S IT!!"

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Richmond Park Schools

Edisa Zilic: "Our team visited 🦊 and we had a great time. An hour of great fun, team games and a time when you are fully dedicated to the team and the task. The staff is extremely professional and dedicated, they made our stay unforgettable with their wonderful energy. Best recommendations!"

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Fox in a Box provides the ultimate team building activity.

In the authentic ambiance in the center of Sarajevo, we currently have three games available: The Bank Job, Coming Home, and The Bunker, where we can host up to 20 players simultaneously in one hour. For instance, it is common for local companies, institutions, or other organized groups that send their teams to create schedules for "team building" or "team outing" activities for one or more days, while those coming from outside Sarajevo adjust their game schedules to other contracted content.

For events outside of Sarajevo, we offer mobile versions of the Coming Home and The Final Exam games.

Escape Room

An escape room is an interactive form of entertainment where a team of players must complete a specific mission within a time limit, overcoming obstacles and mysteries while enjoying a true adventure and challenge. The game encourages collaboration and interaction among players, which is why escape room games are a popular choice for entertainment worldwide, appealing to people of all ages. Currently, they are also a hit when it comes to team building activities.

This type of game requires good perception, collaboration, and logic. It promotes critical thinking, creativity, and enthusiasm. Fox in a Box Sarajevo offers the opportunity for managers or HR professionals to analyze team productivity, or for trainers and instructors to observe and track their team during the game (communication, leadership abilities, adaptability to the unknown, time pressure, etc.). We also organize competitions if teams and management express a desire for them.


TEAMWORK: Teamwork will be crucial for completing your mission. Join forces and utilize each player's individual skills to progress in the game.


CRITICAL THINKING: Conceptualizing, analyzing, and applying ideas while recognizing logical connections to achieve your ultimate goal.


CREATIVITY: Turn imaginative ideas into reality, step out of your comfort zone and challenge everyday thinking!


You don't plan to visitSarajevo? We will come to you!

Mobile game 1

Coming Home

Sent on a journey around the world to find answers to many questions, our Greg got a little carried away... Being a robot, time means nothing to him :) he went through an entire lifetime before deciding to return. Disassembled and sent in a box that only brilliant Daisy knows how to open, he finally arrives at his old address... But nothing is the same anymore!

Mobile game 2

The Final Exam

Your detective team is facing the toughest test in their career - working together, you must follow a series of clues and find a way to deactivate the bomb and prevent a disaster... Can you keep your composure while the timer on the bomb ticks down your, potentially, final minutes!?

With our mobile version of the game, we can come to any location in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is an excellent option for conferences, longer trips, various gatherings, and events with different occasions in hotels and other purpose-built places. It is also suitable for setting up the game within the workspace of companies, the so-called "team building in premises," where suitable daily schedules of terms do not disrupt business organization, yet break the daily office monotony in a very interesting and creative way.

Online game - AI Lockdown image

Online game - AI Lockdown

AI Lockdown is a virtual team building adventure that you can participate in online from anywhere in the world. Divided into teams, you will receive a game link, while communication between members is maintained through Zoom or Teams. Set in your new office space, the game will take you through various sections of the company in an attempt to shut down artificial intelligence that has taken over the entire building!

Players must think quickly and act even faster to score points before time runs out. The entire game lasts for 50 minutes and an unlimited number of teams can play, depending on the size of your company, but each team should consist of 3-6 players for optimal gameplay. All you need is a computer and internet connection, and you can play completely online by clicking on the link. To further contribute to your and your employees' experience, the game's office space is renamed and branded with your company's logo!

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Would you rather be secret agents or bank robbers? Travel back in time or face the challenges of the future? Choose your game! :)

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